Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Top 10 Women in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Part II

Continued from Part I:

5)  Arya/Daenerys GoT:  I know this is cheating but I love the show and books and neither are finished so while waiting to see where George takes these characters I'm grouping them together for now.  Sue me.  But if you are fans of the shows or books my reasons are self-evident but lets spell them out anyway.  There are no two characters in the GoT universe who have undergone more changes and challenges and emerged stronger for it.  And Daenery's has managed to be both strong and feminine in the process something Hollywood really struggles with.  Arya basically has been a ward of the State doing whatever it takes to survive and in the process has evolved into quite the efficient killer. Nuff said!

4)  Starbuck Battlestar Galatica:  Talk about re-imaging a character and franchise.  I can't think of too many female characters who really make you think they can kick-your ass... until now. Katie Sachhoff owned this role. She was frackin awesome!  All you need to about her portrayal of Starbuck is this... I am now a fan of Longmire.

3)  Catwoman Dark Knight:  I don't want to hear it! I do not want to hear it!  If you cannot acknowledge that Anne Hathaway might have been the best Catwoman ever then, then, then... I'll think of something but as for now Anne was funny, sexy, tough, vulnerable. In short baby girl did the damn thing and the movie was awesome to boot!

2)  Sara Connor Terminator:  Has any character changed more over the course of one movie?  Sara went from not being able to balancing her checkbook at the beginning to kicking Terminator butt at the end.  And there also is that minor detail of being the mother of the future leader of the resistance. You know minor stuff...

1)  Ripley Alien and Aliens:  Are you kidding me?  The first movie combined two genres and pretty much changed the game. Remember in space no one can hear your scream.  But they can in the movie theater and I'm man enough to admit I might have done it once or twice. Maybe.  And Aliens? Bill Paxton? fricken best space marine ever. He almost stole the movie.  And Ripley outwitted, and outlasted Aliens and Marines alike. Oh and saved the girl at the end. Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hero ever! Drops mic, walks off stage!