Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Top 10 Women in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Part I

Currently on BlackGirlNerds there is a post about Korra and whether she is the best Avatar ever.  The post goes on to make it's case that Korra is the best Avatar ever (My vote is for Aang) and that she is also a good role model for girls of color because she is not skinny although I would argue our options are limited in the capacity of minority female heroes.  Which got me to thinking (no I'm serious this time), in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre (and yes I'm grouping them for the sake of expediency) who are my favs?  Which was as a good as any reason to make a list. Yeah!  So below are my first five. Enjoy!

10)  Korra The Avatar:  She kicks butt has a compassionate side and is not afraid to chart her own course.  But also I would like to see where her character goes so for now #10 is as high as I can place her until book 3

9)  Lana from Archer:  Maybe it's the fanboy in me but I love me some Lana!  She is sexy, funny, smart, tough, and I did I mention sexy?  Stop laughing I'm serious. I think Lana is a fully developed (no pun intended) three dimensional character. And she is a woman of color who dare I say is sexy?

8)  Scully X-Files:  Scully is what happens when you allow women to be real characters and not a plot device for the male protagnoist ala the women in the refrigerator trope.  Scully was compentant, tough, and had a strong moral compass(remember those?)  Plus X-Files was some of the best Sci-Fi on TV for almost a decade.

7)  Hermione Harry Potter:  Hermione was a treasure.  She absolutely knew who she was, was smart or better yet super competent. But she was not a tom-boy.  She was a strong female character who happened to be feminine which is great because Hollywood is under the illusion the only way for women to be tough is to be like men

6)  Katniss Hunger Games:  The best thing about Katniss was the selflessness and character she showed in taking the place of her sister. That practically forced me to like her from the jump. But I was not a fan of the love triangle or the thought of a naive beautiful girl who doesn't think she is beautiful or can't believe men would actually like her.  I know absolutely no know women like that but maybe I should get out more.

To Be Continued in Part II