Parker Sisters Sercret Files

Massive Dynamic is a Multinational corporation with headquarters in New York, City, and primary research facilities Switzerland, Nigeria, and Germany. It is one of the world’s largest companies by revenues and has approximately 120,000 employees in 80 countries.

Massive Dynamic was originally an accounting firm founded by two brothers in 1919. The Firm acquired a small arms manufacturer in bankrupt proceedings shortly before the start of World War II. For the next 50 years Massive Dynamic grew into the premier Defense Contractor to the United States Government. The turn of the 21st century has found Massive Dynamic acquiring multiple pharmaceutical and software companies in an effort to form synergies with is weapons division and provide Governments cutting edge Defense solutions, in weapons, software, training, and security. A new division titled the Icarus Project has been formed to leverage these disparate disciplines in order to increase market share and maximize shareholder profit.

**** Classified Information of Massive Dynamic. Access is restricted to personnel on Icarus Project with a 'C' Level clearance ***** 

The Icarus Project has exceed expenditures three consecutive quarters by a combined 133%  Unless the project can show results by next quarter a vote will be held at the annual shareholders meeting to discontinue funding. The Director of the Icarus Project will present a report (parts of which are below) at the next quarterly meeting to justify the excessive expenditures. To further his case graphs were created after extensive study of the Parker Sisters and a comparative analysis done with Olympic Athletes and Mathematicians. 50 represents the pinnacle of human achievement. To put that in perspective the top ten Olympic Sprinters averaged 50 for Speed. The top ten Olympic boxers averaged 50 for reflexes. The top 10 Gymnast averaged 50 for agility and the top ten Olympic Power-lifters averaged 50 for Strength. Also the top ten Mathematicians averaged 50 for IQ.  Anything above a 50 is categorized as superhuman or beyond documented human capability.  The Director believes that through extensive experimentation and study of the Parker Sisters the Icarus Project will be able to duplicate these abilities and provide a ROI far exceeding other divisions. 

Subject 1
Name: Evelyn Parker 
Physical Attributes: 5'9", 140lbs
Powers: Heightened speed for a limited time under duress. Ability leaves subject exhausted and vulnerable. Reflexes are near super-human level. Recently the subject has demonstrated the ability to generate enough voltage to stun a healthy adult male by touch. This aspect of the subject's physiology makes her of special interest.
Abilities: Unmatched hand to hand combatant. Olympic level athleticism with phenomenal foot speed and hand eye coordination. Displays improvisation and adaptability when fighting.  These attributes coupled with superhuman speed, and reflexes are a deterrent for one on one confrontations.
Observations: Volatile temperament. Loner. Spends spare time reading or training.
Risk Factor: Mid-level. Fighting ability is best asset but that limits impact/damage to people subject comes in direct contact with.

Subject 2 
Name: Gwendolyn Parker
Physical Attributes:  5'7" 205lbs( Note: visibly the subject does not appear to weigh more than 130lbs but her weight has been independently verified)
Powers: Heightened strength. Was observed bench pressing 500lbs over 20 times. High probability that the subject is stronger now. Also has shown a resistance to medicines which would correlate with an extremely high metabolism  so drug induced sleep/unconscious is not an option. Subject also appears to be bullet proof and impervious to most small arm fire.  Further study is required to evaluate this.
Abilities: Excellent hand to hand combatant but strength alone makes her a formidable opponent. Has demonstrated good situational awareness and fundamental understanding of tactics and strategy.
Observations: Most popular of the Parker sisters and has a cult following. Coupled with her situational awareness would be very hard to isolate. Has a hero complex so best strategy would be to endanger someone she cares about.
Risk Factor: Mid to high level. Due to popularity the subject is never alone would be immediately missed leaving a small window to secure subject.

Subject 3
Name: Anastasia Parker
Physical Attributes: 5'11" 110lbs
Powers: Heightened IQ. It is estimated the subject's IQ is in the neighborhood of 275-312 range. Subject is also able to fly at speeds up to 30 mph for short distances.
Abilities: Master at several forms of martial arts although subject avoids physical contact.  Expert hacker, speaker of seven languages fluently as of last count. Has displayed PhD level work in genetic engineering.  Comprehensive understanding of financial markets.
Observations: Reserved. Not much is known due to her quiet demeanor but subject has shown a colorful sartorial style and obsession with amassing wealth.
Risk Factor: Unknown at this point.  More information needs to be gathered before a decision can be made. It should be noted that the subject defeated an enhanced soldier easily in hand to hand combat.