About Me

I'm an IT professional specializing in MOM (Message Oriented Middle-ware and yes that's an actual thing).
Currently leading a team of highly specialized assassins, I mean IT professionals, in large data Integrations projects. We focus primarily on integrating legacy systems in the Financial and Federal sectors.

Miles Davis Kind of Blue is my favorite album (It's hypnotic) and Rakim is my favorite rapper and the undisputed best rapper of all time (it's not open for debate) Also I once wrote in Eric B for president.

Philadelphia Eagles football fanatic and MMA enthusiast.

Love Jones is my favorite movie, The Wire and Breaking Bad are my favorite shows but I'm also a viewer of X-Files, Bruce Lee joints, and John Hughes flicks.

Collector of MileStone titles and hoping someone brings them joints back. Book fan with Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye being my favorite and John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men a close second.

On the weekends you can find me fishing, rock climbing, wine drinking or chauffeuring my daughters to their myriad of activities.

A while ago I had this crazy idea to write a novel. My daughters were the impetus of this crazy scheme because like their dad they are book worms.  Unfortunately, none of the protagonist in their books look like them. And to someone who views every challenge as an opportunity that was all the motivation I needed to get busy. So I wrote a Science Fiction novel about black girls with super powers. Now I'm a published writer. Yeah, I did that...