The Parker Sisters

Someone is after the Parker sisters. They know the why, they just don't know the who. At least not yet they don't but they are working on it. The why is easy.  You see the Parker sisters are special. I know, I know aren't all kids special? Yes all kids are special, but not all kids can move at the speed of sound, lift ten times their body weight, or hack into the most secure networks in the world before breakfast. But this kind of special comes out a cost. This kind of special has a price attached to it. A price that some companies would kill for. It's going to be an interesting ride...

Book 1: Sins Of The Father

The Parker Sisters wake up one day with extraordinary abilities. But these abilities are slowly killing them.  So although they can no longer compete in Tae-Kwon-Do, Basketball, or Track because they
might get exposed there is a new competition afoot. Find a cure for what is killing them. And do it while dodging people who would like nothing more then to crack open the Parker Sisters to find out what makes them so extraordinary. So good luck to the Parker Sisters in their search for a cure. They are going to need it.

Book 2: Childish Things
Mo Powers Mo Problems! It's a new school year for the Parker Sisters but it's the same song and dance. Get good grades, avoid being kidnapped or killed before dinner, and don't forget to take to out the trash. But this year there are a few new players in the game. Players who are as special as the Parker Sisters.  Let the games begin...

Book 3: Before The Fall
It ain't over!


And for the Parker Sisters fans a hacker sent me some redacted files that focus on our girls! The files can be found here.  The Parker Sisters better up their game because it's obvious some very powerful people have every incentive to get our girls. But my money is on Parker Sisters because you know how they do!