Monday, August 11, 2014

Interview with Eric Dean Seaton Creator and Director of Legend Of The Mantamji

Comic book fans have never had it so good. Guardians Of The Galaxy is tearing it up at the box office.  Netflix is developing Marvel street level heroes series such as Luke Cage and DaredevilAgents of SHIELD has been renewed (or gotten a reprieve).  Green Arrow's success has led to the launch of the eagerly anticipated Flash series. In short, grab your popcorn because this should be nerd nirvana. But all that glitters isn't gold. There has been a shocking lack of diversity in all these endeavors sans Luke Cage. And it starts at the comic book level.  All the above are owned properties of DC or Marvel and all started out in print form.  But what about us?  What about properties and heroes that look like us?  Enter Eric Dean Seaton. An episodic director who has helmed over 34 shows, Mr. Seaton is launching a graphic novel titled Legend Of The Mantamaji.  This diverse graphic novel is centered around a person of color who must overcome internal issues before he can take on an ancient evil.  You want to start seeing heroes like us on the big screen?  It starts with supporting the work and talent of  people like Eric Dean Seaton at the print level. In the following interview, Mr. Seaton discusses his motivation for starting a graphic novel and how that compares to directing TV along with a host of other topics. Please give it a listen.

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