Monday, March 30, 2015


So my tweeps Cairo and Madhuri hit me with this #BloggerChallenge.  The specifics of the challenge are I am supposed to detail seven facts about my writing. OK challenge received and challenge accepted. And you can check out Cairo's response here and Madhuri's here

1)  I came to writing late. I am actually one of the few writers who just one day made up my mind to be writer. Now I've always had a voracious appetite for reading and I've always dreamed of being a writer but it wasn't until the advent of self-publishing that I really saw it as an option.

2)  I love writing fight scenes.  I've wrestled, boxed, and participated in Karate for years but now that I live a sedentary life style the only outlet for that knowledge is choreographing fight scenes and I love it!

3)  The psychology of what makes a super-hero tick has always intrigued. What internally would make a person risk their life to fight crime? What have they to gain? That is a question I explore in my books. My goal is to delve further into this as I focus on three common tropes.  a) The thrill seeker pretending to be an altruist. b) The reluctant hero who must be dragged kicking and screaming ever step of the way. c) And the 'with great power comes great responsibility' hero.

4)   Internal strife/character development. All of us are flawed. Not  tragically flawed in the Shakespearean sense but rather in a way that inhibits us from achieving/accomplishing great things on a consistent basis. And part of the hero journey is recognizing and conquering these flaws before defeating the bad guy.

5)   Ug! Romance! Teenage angst! Did I get it write? These are my biggest insecurities probably because they require the most introspection. My hope, my dream is to capture both like they were captured in the movies The Spectacular Now and The Breakfast Club.

6)  We not at seven yet!  Damn! Ok number six, hmm. I know this is superficial but I really like the response from people when I tell them I am a published novelist. I know, I know, I am not defined by one thing but I have always had a special place in my heart for storytellers ie Toni Morrison, JK Rowling, John Steinbeck. The ability to move people with the strength of one's pen is my definition of an artist. These people are my celebrities, my rock stars. And me crafting my own stories grants me a tenuous relationship with these idols.

7)  And last but not least.... drum roll... Writing allows me to explore themes that interest me.  Themes like the intersection of race, class, privilege and identity in today's rapidly changing world. Touching on these themes challenges me to articulate a reasoned compassionate message that I hope resonates with my reader.