Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Difference betweeen Science-Fiction and Fantasy

For the uninitiated there actually is a difference between Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. And depending on who you ask that difference can be insignificant or a wide chasm. But since this is my blog the only opinion that really matters on the subject is mine, so here we go... Harry Potter and Star Wars can both be classified as Fantasy while Spider-Man and Star Trek fall into the Science-Fiction category. See what I did there? No? OK let me break it down so that it can forever and consistently be broke. I consider Magic and Fantasy synonymous and all you need to believe in Magic is faith. You don't need to explain to a Potter-head how a person can fly on an object as aerodynamically challenged as a broom which has no visible method of propulsion. And what is this "Force" you speak of? I know in the latest movies they attempted to mansplain it with midi-chlorians but why? All you need is faith to know  Jedi-Nights are the baddest cats in the Universe. Spider-Man is another story. Spider-Man uses real Science and bends it, twists it, and stretches it to get the desired result. Star Trek also uses real Science although it's safe to say it stretches it a little more than Spider-Man does. Don't believe me? Khan was basically a failed science experiment by a mad scientist. Believe me now? Still shaking your head? OK peep this... the two paragraphs below feature the same character with the same power but one exists in a Fantasy realm and the other a Science Fiction realm. If you can tell the difference then I have no more to teach you, young grasshopper. Good luck and may the Force be with you. And don't hate... I did this over my lunch.
"You going to finish that?" Slim Jim ask me for the third time. I hate when that guy goes off his meds. And for the record there is nothing slim about him unless you consider 6'2", 350 pounds slim. I wrinkle my nose and slide my tray away away from his grimy, dark-skinned hand. But I guess I don't smell too well either. Not having showered in weeks will do that to you. I pullback my hoodie and reach for my locks before remembering I cut them. I rub the stubble on my head instead while glancing around. I always sit by the emergency exit in the Soup Kitchen so I can break north in case they find me again. Slim Jim always sits with me. I made the mistake of breaking him off a piece of my stale bread once and now I can't shake the guy. I've been homeless since my powers manifested a year ago and now he is the closest thing to a friend I have. You see, I'm able to teleport. Or rather I slip into a parallel dimension where space and time collapse and come out at a place of my choosing a hearbeat later. Cool, right? Not really. Clothes can't go with me so I always come out naked. And every-time I do it energy from the other dimension seeps out from where I left and where I end up. That energy gives off a unique signature that the Feds can track. That's how they found me the first time. Without this damn power I would be graduating next month and defending my championship in the Golden Gloves. No matter. I'm hip to the game. I've been stashing clothes and guns around the city. Places I've never teleported to before. So the next time they find me I'll be waiting. "Here ya go Slim.", I can't help but smile as I break Jim off a piece of my stale bread.
"Yo, whaddup money, you ready?" My boy, Zeke, says as he holds up the mitts. I keep it simple throwing tight combinations and slip his counters. There is a special sound the pads make when you hit them just right. I love that sound. "Two minutes Champ!" D-Nice announces as he pops his head in the locker room. Cool. I got a good sweat and I'm ready. I'm going to knock this clown out tonight, graduate next month, win National Golden Gloves again, go pro, and the South Side could kiss my black ass goodbye. Truth be told, I could be gone already. You see, I got this special ability. I can think of a place, concentrate and BAM! I'm there. Scared the hell out of me the first time I did it. I ended up alone atop the roof of the projects we first lived. Had to woof it back home. The second time was I ready and not as scared. No one knows about it and I had to cool it because some freaky looking dudes in long, black cloaks started showing up in my neighborhood. I think my power signaled em. They keep their faces covered but I can tell they different. I can tell they watching me. And that's some scary shit. Not even the thugs mess with 'em. In this neighborhood that's saying something. Don't matter though. I'm about to bounce up out of this joint and I smile as I make the mitts sing. My grandmother always told me I was special. That I was the one. That I was the son of Adam, first man and I would always be safe with her. I always thought she was crazy. Now I know. The locker door opens and D'Nice's eyes are wide as saucers. He has a sword sticking out his chest and three cloaks crowded behind him. One rushes in and slashes Zeke down. I close my eyes, think of my grandmother's house down South in the Bayou, and I'm gone in a heartbeat.